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27 Aug

Cycles of Completion – Full Circle of Healing, Part II: Joy and Gifts Galore

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


It was a tough first couple of weeks for me in Hawaii (read Part I of this blog here). As I saw our old house, the restaurants, the trails and the beaches, I cried lots of tears in remembrance of the deep pain experienced when my marriage ended and our family dynamics shifted 6 years ago.

I had not been excited for this trip to Hawaii. In actuality, I love Hawaii, yet the fact that I experienced the deepest pain of my life there, created a sense of sadness for me when I thought of the beautiful place. Hence I had not returned since divorcing. It had been 6 years since I stepped foot on this island.

As I felt all those emotions coming back up the first weeks in Hawaii, I sensed I was releasing yet another level of pain.

Healing appears to me to be a spiral and as we move along, some things come circling back with a slightly different twist as they come around again and again to complete the cycle of healing.

Interestingly, as described in part I of this blog, that phase completed and I felt a sense of healing, momentum and joy! That was a tremendous makana (gift in Hawaiian).

Hawaii had more gifts for me as they continued to be revealed.



My kids came to Hawaii. I met them the day they arrived with their dad and we all went to Kalama beach park where we used to play when we all lived here. We all immediately ran for and played in the ocean together. It was a beautiful little family reunion of happiness.

Feeling immensely grateful for having the time and space before they arrived to release that pain, I felt positive and joyous in the family fun and excitement of that evening.

Then my kids and I got to spend an entire week together in paradise.

We went to Kawela Bay, the place where we spent my daughter’s first week of life. We rented a house right after she was born with family as we all shared in taking care of her and taking care of me. It was an absolutely gorgeous, nurturing environment to be a new mom.

What’s funny is I didn’t even realize that’s where we were going that day. We decided to try a new trail and it led straight to Kawela Bay. I was completely amazed upon arriving thinking, Oh my gosh, this is where my daughter spent her first week of life and here she is 13 years later walking this beach as a beautiful young woman.


Hardly anyone was around and it was a beautiful day on that beach.  We swam, ran, played, had contests, checked out the crabs… what a gift.

We visited friends we had not seen in a very long time and reconnected (more gifts).

I realized I had phenomenal friends, amazing people who loved me deeply and supported me during the divorce. And still do. I realized the gifts of friendships that were still there! Still resounding, still solid. I am supported and loved by so many. I pray I never again feel alone because I can at once remember my loving supportive network of beautiful souls in Hawaii and elsewhere.

One day while hiking I stopped and climbed into a Banyan tree and started Mana Gardening and meditating. I received a message, another amazing gift from Hawaii as I heard these words: Remember, this is where it all began.

I knew exactly what that meant. You see, while going through divorce, I hiked a lot because nature nurtured me and allowed me to feel more ease in my world.

Trees specifically were immensely powerful for me during that time. I meditated next to trees or while sitting on trees. I  almost always felt some kind of energetic transmission, as if the trees were taking something from me. I remember those days thinking, What on Earth would they be taking from me? My inner garden revealed that the trees were taking away my pain.

What a gift.

They loved me and took my pain away. I always, without fail, left the forest feeling lighter and more capable of handling the situation at hand.

While sitting in the Banyan tree, I was reminded that this relationship (if you will), with trees started in Hawaii. I felt graced as I remembered this wholeheartedly as true. The ‘Aina had spoken to me once again. I felt how loved I am by the ‘Aina. Another immense gift.

Gifts also included the amazing situation that my dear friend Keti set up for me. Her family and friends were welcoming and happy to have me around. They made me feel like part of the Ohana and like an important part of their world. Keti let me drive her car around for over a month while she got a ride to work with her dear friend who lived up the street. She, time and time again, made accommodations to make it easy for me to be there.

Also a friend from Asheville joined me in Hawaii for about 9 days. This is when I actually took time off from the work I felt like I should do and allowed myself to be on vacation. He and I adventured daily on big hikes, little hikes, snorkeling in calm water, snorkeling in turbulent water (we could have totally gotten eaten by the ocean that day! Happy to be alive! Yet another gift that we are both still here!), jumping off waterfalls, jumping off the giant rock into Waimea bay, checking out the vast differences in flora and fauna from what we see back home, meditating in nature, eating amazing Hawaiian and Asian food, dancing, watching sunsets over the Waianae coast and on the North Shore, surfing and playing in the waves, and checking out the Buddhist temples. We got along great and explored so much together totally as friends. I am forever grateful for his presence with that week because otherwise I would have felt like I should be working and would not have allowed myself to have so many beautiful explorations and connections with the ‘Aina, the spirit of the land of Hawaii.


I was truly amazed at all the Aloha this land was freely giving to me. I am so happy that I was aware enough to notice it and give my appreciation back!

Many Blessings and Warm Aloha on your Journey!

…To be continued in Part III– The Final Gift from Soul, where I share my prayer to the ‘Aina of Hawaii for its innumerable makana (gifts in Hawaiian).

Ps. I am incredibly blessed to have been given this gift of Mana Gardening.  Get the book and try it for yourself. It is an easy, fast and fun way to connect to the infinite wisdom that lies within. You’ll feel yourself as empowered to live and love. If books aren’t your thing, try a class or set up a series of sessions with me or Keti. We will be doing podcasts shortly and hope to have an audio book out soon as well. Our mission is to serve our fellow souls, so reach out if you are called.

27 Aug

Cycles of Completion – Full Circle of Healing, Part III: The Final Gift from Soul

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


More gifts awaited on my last day in Hawaii. I woke up super early, meditated, and got out of the house for some Soul time. On the way I took some sunrise photos, and told my Soul to guide me where to go. In my mind, I was headed for a couple of different waterfall hikes I thought my Soul would like…

While passing the entrance to the first waterfall trailhead, I felt no impetus to turn that way, so continued on towards the second one.

Then I accidentally went the wrong way, the long way.

Or did I?

Instead of turning around, I just continued going the long way. About a half mile later I knew where my Soul was taking me.

Not to the waterfall, but to the Friendship garden, a super special place for me. I burst into tears upon realizing that my Soul is truly driving, even when I don’t think it is. And I was crying because of the significance of coming full circle yet again in Hawaii. There are so many levels to the healing and releasing I experienced here this summer.

I must have hiked this trail a hundred times when I lived here. This hike was instrumental in me becoming so attuned to the healing nature and connection of trees while I was going through the ending of my marriage, as described in Part I and Part II of this blog.

THIS is the place where the trees first took my pain from me, and they did that for me time and time again.

I got to BE there, with them again and it felt like a blissful reunion. Having released so much, this felt like coming home, coming full circle with healing my past and creating a fresh perspective of love and reverence for the ‘Aina of Hawaii.


For this, and all the immense makana I received from the ‘Aina during this incredible journey, I give great thanks and offer this prayer of appreciation to the ‘Aina of Hawaii:

Dear ‘Aina:

I feel blessed, I feel nurtured, I feel whole, I feel complete. I feel like you helped me release Oh so much and allowed me to receive closure on things I had no idea that I needed closure on.

I came full circle on healing my past and with the pain of resisting one of the greatest gifts of my life. I now truly see it as an immense blessing and gift from Hawaii.

Hawaii you gave me my kids, you gave me freedom, you gave me dear, amazing, supportive souls along the way who are my life-long friends and family, you gave me healing, relationship and ecstasy with trees, you gave me the priceless gift of Mana Gardening, and the mission to share this amazing work with the world!!

For this I bow in appreciation and reverence. My heart acknowledges your gifts, your love, your Aloha, and your support. I am eternally grateful for these gifts, for this trip, for this journey of soul realignment and release of what no longer serves me, and for all the doors that are now open!! The doors to being more of my true self, to opening to a new and powerful relationship, to sharing Mana Gardening widely and doing biomedical research on the techniques, the doors that are swinging wide open to bring me more and more of all things good.

Graciously accept my sincere, heartfelt appreciation and please continue to assist me in aligning with the highest version of myself in ALL that I AM and in ALL that I DO. I am with you and you are with me, always.

Aloha nui loa and Mahalo nui loa Dear Aloha ‘Aina.
May your Love and Light continue to Bless me, and others through me, and indeed all.



Many Blessings and Warm Aloha on your Journey!

To get yourself or a loved one the priceless gift of Mana Gardening, order the book and try it for yourself. Research already shows effectiveness of these techniques (in the Prologue)! Mana Gardening is an easy, fast and fun way to connect to the infinite wisdom that lies within. You’ll feel empowered to live and love. If books aren’t your thing, try a class or set up a series of sessions with me or Keti. We will be doing podcasts shortly and hope to have an audio book out soon as well. Our mission is to serve our fellow souls, so reach out if you are called. We love sharing Mana Gardening with businesses, retreats, at festivals and gatherings, workshops and more.


30 May

Imagination = Mind Mastery

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


Now is a great time to imagine better… what we mean is that it is an opportune (perhaps even very necessary) moment to imagine and feel that all is well.


We can imagine healthy, loving, supportive relationships among all peoples, that all of Earth’s inhabitants have the resources they need, and the resources are managed sustainably and respectfully with regard to our planet. These are just a few of the powerful images we can evoke with our powerful minds.


And because you can imagine these things, you can put yourself there and even feel the benefits. You can actually feel wellbeing flowing in your veins. Because it actually is. Your brain does not know the difference between things real or imagined- either way, your brain and body respond in a physical way to whatever information you are providing, be it positive or negative.


Science has shown this time and time again. Stress molecules are cruising around in your system when you imagine negative scenarios, and molecules that support wellbeing flow through your system when you consider positive events.


Think about how your emotions get affected by watching movies. You clearly are responding to images that are unreal. Whatever images you provide to your mind will affect your reality.


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Take a moment and simply imagine a more nurtured Earth, a more supported and loved humanity, a happier you and feel that all is well for a few moments. Give yourself that gift and know that what you focus on, appreciates!


If you would like to learn more ways to use Mana Gardening, an inner empowerment technique used by the ancient Hawaiians, our book is currently available, or by clicking the button below. Learn and share!


May you be well and happy!


Michelle and Keti


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10 Jan

Accelerating Transformation

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered

What does transformation really look like?

How do you know if you are moving in the right direction?

How can you integrate or accelerate your own transformation?

Transformation is what we came here to do. To transform from the flawed human template into a divine template. We came here to be the change we wish to see in the world, to create the golden age for ourselves and indeed all, and live out our dreams, and be fulfilled.

Perhaps you are just getting started, or perhaps you’ve been at this thing called transformation for a long time. Either way, certain things may start to happen that if you notice them, and ground them into your experience, can help you shift even faster.

North Shore Oahu, 2011 by Michelle Shine

First, acknowledge your hard work. Transformation is no easy task. It requires daily commitment to living in a way that feels right to you, right to a higher version of you. You know what I mean. It means not reacting to the triggers of life in the same way, maybe taking a breather, and allowing the triggers to be there without responding.

It means dissociating from the urges to react, dissociating from the mind’s tricks and illusions; it means standing day in and day out in solidarity for yourself, for your true self. It is truly a becoming. It takes constant effort and steadfastness.

It takes learning new tools and tricks and putting them into use to see true benefits. I acknowledge this hard work you have been doing. Please take a moment to give yourself this acknowledgement as well. This is very important.

Sometime during this process of transformation you have a realization, a spiritual moment, an awareness or an ah-ha moment. These occur occasionally and spontaneously, perhaps in meditation. You have this amazing moment that you feel very deeply and profoundly. Eventually it turns into a memory. Then of course, the memory fades and you are left wondering when or if another moment like this will ever happen again.


West Oahu, Camp Timberline, 2011 by Michelle Shine

Here is a way to integrate your new awareness. When you have these experiences, take note.  Make an effort to re-remember these moments so they can stay with you. Make a list of these moments, these awarenesses, when they happen, and review this list often and re-create the experience in your inner garden.

Neuropathways will be developed and sustained such that these awarenesses become part of who you are, and will provide a strength that you can tap into at any time. These realizations and ah-ha moments will no longer be a fleeting thought of the mind. Exciting Mana Sciences research validates the formation of new neuropathways in the mind when we re-remember.

Another thing you may notice about the transformation process is a feeling of neutrality. You begin to notice that triggers that used to affect you do not affect you, that you have a sense of peace amongst absolute craziness. You have no resistance to what is. How beautiful!


Mt. Shasta Wilderness, California 2011 by Michelle Shine

Mt. Shasta Wilderness, California 2011 by Michelle Shine

There is no reason to fear neutrality. Some believe that in being neutral, one loses the ability to feel. It is much to the contrary. This neutrality, where outside circumstances do not trigger you, conjures up an excitement: 1) because you are NOT triggered by outside circumstances (which feels great!), and 2) because you feel peace and strength from deep within.

You feel solid and strong in neutrality, and also very capable of taking action. There is nothing blocking you from attaining your dreams and standing for what you believe in. When you experience neutrality, talk about it with others, so, like the awarenesses, neutrality can be grounded into your experience.  Alternatively, you could write, blog, make yourself a video or voice recording that you may refer to often.

Both awareness and neutrality, if grounded into your experience by remembering them, imagining them, talking about them, writing, etc, will allow them to become part of who you are and will allow forward momentum. This important step re-activates awareness and neutrality and will allow you to maintain higher frequencies which will accelerate transformation.


Maymont Park, Richmond, VA 2015 by Michelle Shine

You are moving in the right direction and transforming every single day. Keep at it! Keep noticing when you have these ah-ha moments, awarenesses, realizations and new states of being. Remember them repeatedly. And give thanks for them. Mana garden them; see and feel them again and again. Allow your imagination to assist you.

You are doing it!

Michelle Shine, PhD