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2 Apr

Using Inner Guidance to Make Decisions

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


Decision Making Can be Super Simple if you Use and Rely on Inner Guidance.


How do you normally make decisions? What is your process?


Do you make a list of pros and cons? Do you play out each outcome and see how each might feel? Do you waver back-and-forth not knowing what choice to make? When you have an important decision to make does it keep you up at night? Does it leave you feeling flustered and doubting yourself?


I used to do all of this.
After Mana Gardening came to me (rather, after it came through me), I stopped all that and began to rely solely my inner guidance for making important (and not so important) decisions.


Mana Gardening is an inner technique using your creative imagination that allows you to quickly and easily access the inner voice that lies within. Everyone has an inner voice specifically designed to assist in everything from what food to eat, to where to relocate. Your guidance is personal to you and directs you towards actions that are consistent your best interests.



As an example, recently I was offered an adjunct teaching position at a local college and had to decide whether to take the position. It was for teaching a single class, as opposed to multiple sections of the same class. I was excited for the opportunity to teach at this college as I had applied for full time opportunities there before and was not selected. At this point in time however, my mental mind was saying, “No way!” It was not worth my time, not enough money, and would take way too long to prepare for each class.


I took this decision straight to my inner garden. After relaxing in that space for a bit and asking whether or not to take the position, interestingly, my inner guidance said, “Yes, do it.”
I did it. I agreed to teach the class, reluctantly.
I did this because I have learned to trust my inner voice even when my mind conjures up many good reasons to not listen to it.


Who knew that my consulting jobs would start to dwindle? Who knew that I would love my students so much? Who knew that I would adore the opportunity to inspire the students and let them know how amazing and immensely intricate their bodies (and hence they) are?


My mental mind was not aware that I would enjoy the material so much that it would be inspire me to serve others on the health and well-being path.IMG_0194


My mental mind was not aware that the connections I would make with the students and colleagues at the college would be so beautiful. And that the opportunity to serve others would also serve me. My inner voice knew all of this, yet my mental mind did not have access to that information.


Inner wisdom is available to all, yet many do not know how to access it. Learning how to quickly access inner guidance and getting to that place where you listen, trust it, and take the appropriate actions can serve you to your great delight! It is kind of like listening to your heart or a higher power speak. Sometimes you get information that is not what you’d expect, yet it is inconceivably brilliant!


Plus, using your inner guidance to help you with choices and decisions saves you the time and energy of going back and forth, creating lists, and doubting yourself. Your inner voice knows what you want. Allowing yourself to trust and follow your inner voice helps you stay at peace within, creates strength and leaves you empowered.

If you would like to learn how to use this ancient Hawaiian technique we call Mana Gardening to empower yourself and your life, register for our training course starting Aug 2o17 here.



5 Mar

Intro to Mana Gardening- Free Instructional Audios

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


Get Ready for an Expansive Experience that will get you
Happy About Your Life!

As we await the publication of our first book, Keti and I have begun to share Mana Gardening teachings with folks.  Many have excitedly asked,

  • How do I get started?
  • What is the first step?
  • I want to start right away, what can I be doing before the book comes out?

Thank you for the questions!  In response to those questions, I have created 2 free audio files (below) that you can tune into anytime.

Audio 1 answers the questions, “What is Mana Gardening?” and “How do I get started?”  Audio 1 also provides you with suggestions and examples that prepare you for Audio 2.

Audio 2 guides you to create and experience your mana garden.

YEScooltreecolorCH10 (1)

What is Mana Gardening?

In a nutshell,  Mana Gardening is an easy, fast and fun technique using your imagination that at first cultivates:

  • relaxation,
  • a sense of wellbeing,
  • a feeling of being at peace,
  • and a feeling of being nurtured.

Feelings very much needed in our busy lives!


The Benefits

From this place of stillness and wellbeing, which you can access very rapidly, you can then experience a higher wisdom , your own inner guidance, your intuition or whatever you choose to call that creative wisdom that lives inside of you.

You can ask questions in your mana garden and receive the wisdom and clarity you request.

One of the first benefits is immense relaxation no matter what is going on around you.  You can go to this safe, nurturing place within your imagination, your mana garden,  in  a matter of seconds and feel your body relax.  This feeling of relaxation and wellbeing can reset your moment, your hour or your entire day!

It can:

  • calm you,
  • change your perspective,
  • and provide a mini recharge.

And you can do it in 30 seconds wherever you are (please not while driving!)


Getting Started

To get started, you will want to consider what type of environments feel good to you and allow you to feel at peace, nurtured, safe and loved.

Some examples:

  • sitting next to a waterfall
  • being next to a stream or river listening to the water flowing past you
  • amongst wildflowers in a meadow with abundant wildlife
  • in a quiet library
  • on a cozy couch next to a warm fire
  • cuddling with your children or special someone
  • floating on the water
  • fishing, sailing, surfing or boating on beautiful water
  • on a mountain top watching the sunset
  • relaxing in a hammock in a cool summer breeze in the shade

Once you have an idea of which scene you would like to create for your relaxation, listen to Audio 2 as I gently guide you to experience your very own mind garden.

From there, you can go into your mana garden via your imagination and relax at will any time you want.

Keti and I recommend experiencing the peace of your inner garden several times per day (5-6 is ideal).  Again, this takes very little time (30-sec to 2 min tops) and can be done while in an elevator, waiting in line at the store,  waiting for coffee, waiting for computer software to load up, while waiting for your kids to get buckled in the car or while they are lolligagging.  (Obviously, any time you are waiting you can be mana gardening!)


The Free Audios

The Intro/How to Get Started audio was separated from the experience of Entering your Mana Garden, so once you have the background info, you could just go straight to the guided meditation and not have to re-listen to info you already know.

Listen in as often as you like! They are here for you as a makana (which means gift in Hawaiian).
Audio 1: Intro/How to get Started

Audio 2: Plant your Garden- Guided Meditation

It gives me great joy to share Mana Gardening with you and your feedback is welcome. Your sharing helps others, so please share your experience.

If you would like more, please join the Mana Gardening email list for our newsletter in the subscription box below.

I have a feeling you will immensely enjoy your personal slice of heaven, your mana garden, and I can’t wait for you to receive the immense benefits!

See you in the Garden,


4 Jan

Peace in Relationships

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered Relationships


On the Second Day of the New Year 2016, PEACE was the Vibe of the Day.

YEScooltreecolorCH10 (1)

As I spent some time reading about the Light and the Dark, and how they both come from the ONE, I learned that the dark exists so the we can experience the extremes in order to come back into balance and remember who we truly are.

I had read these words many years before, but today, they resonated deeply with my being. (When the tears are flowing it means resonance for me.)

I read and cried, read and cried.

It seemed, in those moments of tears, my perspective of the ending of my marriage changed yet a bit more. On a path of resolving the deep pain I experienced, today something even deeper was felt. I felt within my body a thankfulness for the ending of that relationship, one in which I had not felt so strongly before.

And it wasn’t because of the “goodness” or “badness” of that relationship.

It was rather a feeling of profound thankfulness for the TIME I have had to explore my own personal growth when the kids have been with their Dad.


  • Thankfulness for the split custody so we both get equal time with our children, for the (almost) peace between us, thankfulness for the much needed solo time and time off from mommy duties.
  • Thankfulness for him being a great, on-top-of-it Dad, someone I could be at ease with when my kids are not with me.
  • Grateful to be quietly reading, crying and transforming my perspective before my very own eyes.
  • Sincerely grateful for the ability to have this space to myself to know myself and grow!

In the Garden

Feeling this, I took a moment in my inner garden and welcomed my former husband. There, in the sacred Mana Gardening space, at a Mexican beach palapa, I expressed my appreciation for him letting me go (even though I fought against it) and for his awareness in knowing how limited my growth was in that marriage.

Then my mind gravitated to other relationships that were not quite at peace.

One by one, I confronted these individuals in my mana garden and created that peace. With one lady, I knew that I trusted her at the heart level, so I brought her into my inner garden version of Hanakapi’ai falls where I expressed that I am choosing peace between us and that it is my intention to let go of the issues that I have felt between us.

She clearly responded to me with, “ I meant no harm.” I felt that to be true, and with this, I DECIDED to let go of the non-peace that I was feeling with her.

hanakapiai falls 2

I also realized from within that her behavior had triggered some childhood traumas of mine. I asked from within what is needed here. What I did next was what I felt to do from within my inner garden: I envisioned myself hugging my inner child and telling her that it was ok, we can let go of that pain now. I assured her that everything was alright, that we are safe.

She looked up at me, smiled, and I felt her let go of it, as if she sighed a big sigh of relief. I then gave her an even bigger hug, thanking her. This also happened next to my imagined version of beautiful Hanakapi’ai falls on the island of Kauai.


With next gentleman, we were next to the avocado tree within my inner garden. This was a very brief meeting in which I clearly knew we were to speak in person, not solely in my mana garden. I thanked him in advance for his willingness to return to peace with me, whenever that shall occur, and for the opportunity to share my deep feelings with him in person. I felt grateful that he was willing to share that intimacy with me, to fully hear me, and that he was able to handle and contribute to an in-person healing conversation.



Mana gardening can be used to resolve issues within, before addressing people in person, and I use it for this purpose quite often with profound peace being the reward.

The inner mana gardening space allows you to get real with you first, to know yourself, to know what you need, what you want and what is the best path forward. You can then bring people in (or rather, their energies in) and work with them in sacred space to resolve issues and come to Peace from within.

Many times, it is completely cleared using the inner space, yet sometimes you are clearly guided to address this in person. Whole-heartedly trusting your inner guidance and following it using Mana Gardening can bring tremendously positive results that bring you great peace and grace in relationships.

With great reverence for my mana garden I share these words. May my experiences help you along your path.

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If you are interested in learning this valuable technique, please visit the Events page where you can sign up for a personal session, a teleseminar, or a complete course in Mana Gardening.