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Mana Sciences


Yoga Certification

For Beginning Yoginis to Certified Professional Instructors (RYT)

Learn how to apply ancient Hawaiian concepts through Mana Gardening techniques to add empowerment skills to each and every pose. Guide yourself inward to better understand what you and your body wants and needs. Discover that you will always be your one and only guru! Our Empower Me Free Yoga book shares this Hawaiian wisdom to empower your yoga practice.

Mana Sciences Empower Me Free Yoga certification offers a hands-on way to travel inward and experience your own mana or life force energy. With this certification, learn NO GO Yoga for business professionals and ON-THE-GO Meditation which never requires the space, solitude, and silence of traditional meditation practices.

Keti, and her son, Kai, are both certified Hatha Yoga instructors registered with the Yoga Alliance. They offer small private Empower Me Free Yoga classes.

Empower Me Free certification combines the Mana Gardening Mastery course with five private one-on-one yoga classes that can be done in person or via Skype/video conference. Upon completion you will receive a document that certifies you in Mana Sciences Empower Me Free Yoga.

Empower your Yoga practice. Itʻs easy! Get our Empower Me Free Yoga book here.

Register for Empower Me Free Yoga certification here.