This meditation was posted on Facebook on Thanksgiving Day 2018. A recording of it was requested so it could be heard and experienced. Listening to that request, here is the written out meditation along with the audio file.

Feel free to listen in every day as it allows you to feel positive vibrations in your body. The more we create these feelings in our body, the more able we are to experience these feelings regularly, as the brain remembers the neurological pathway and uses it more often. You begin to experience more wellbeing in your daily life, than not.


Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in through your nose, breathe LOVE into your heart. ❤️

Hold your breath there, and feel that love circulating in your body bathing every cell in pure love.

When you are ready, exhale through your mouth completely and deeply with the sound of HA. (More On the Hawaiian HA exhale below). Take this breath 2 more times feeling yourself filled with love. 

Now imagine yourself feeling nurtured, supported, fully loved, and peaceful. Spend at least 30 seconds here basking in this vibration.

Say to yourself, “I am Love. I am Light. I am filled with loving kindness. I am well.”

Feel a smile spread across your face. Give thanks for yourself, your body and for this gift of wellbeing you just gave yourself. When you are ready, go ahead and open your eyes.

Go out today and share that wellbeing with everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️


*The breath of life in Hawaiian is the HA. The ancient Hawaiians believed that our inhale nourishes us, and they believed that exhaling with the sound of HA heals us. The HA, this breath of life, is in many important and deeply meaningful Hawaiian words, most notably, ALoHA and MaHAlo.

*The meditation can also be found here on Facebook and the audio file is here on SoundCloud.