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Mana Psychology™  presents,  Empowered to Remember, A Guide to Reclaiming Memories This book is based on a case study of a stroke patient who lost most memory and gained it back without medication and while using Mana Psychology™ techniques. This book is based on our Mana Psychology™ paper (located here on our website),  A new […]
Mana Sciences™, Science of Imagination offers a review of scientific literature that show that what we imagine is real on a biological level. Evidence that you can create your reality with your potent imagination, through Hawaiian empowerment techniques such as Mana Gardening, is provided.
Mana Sciences™ presents, Empower Me Free Yoga by Keti Kamalani & Dr. Michelle Shine Ancient Hawaiians discovered the secrets of empowerment from within. Ancient yoga gurus unlocked the power of human transformation. Mana Sciences™ Yoga blends the two together to physically empower and transform your life. Discover more from every yoga pose and access your […]
  A new path to an ancient Hawaiian wisdom. Discovered by two top-level research scientists, this powerful, self-guided, cognitive-behavioral technique utilizes the imagination to facilitate direct communication with your higher self, your heart and soul. They call this path Mana Gardening, in honor of the Hawaiian belief in Mana–the spiritual energy, or consciousness that lives […]
What you Imagine is Real… With images, figures, graphs, video, quotes, audios, and  guided Mana Gardening®  meditations, this Mana Sciences™ multimedia book explores the rich scientific evidence that support Mana Gardening techniques. Use the Contact Us button to request your copy.  
Lets Choose Happy offers simple and clever ways to bring Mana Gardening skills into the life of any child. Meet Mik and Mak, two Hawaiian children who are discovering how easy it is with Mana Gardening to feel empowered to change their perspective and live happier lives.
Lets Begin Within! Meet Mik and Mak, two Hawaiian children, who are learning how to use Mana Gardening skills from within to change their perspective and empower them to thrive and live happier.
Available soon worldwide, Mana Gardening, Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life is a new path to an ancient Hawaiian wisdom. Empowering and uplifting, discover how to tap into the skills you were born with and learn to access a universal wisdom from within. Enjoy relaxation, improved relationship with self and others, better intuition, a […]
Book 2 in this series explores Love on a deeper level and shares how to use Mana Gardening skills to bring more peace and happiness to all your relationships!
The 3rd book in our Mana Gardening Series shares techniques to empower children to use their powerful skills and imagination to navigate and create a healthy and happy life. The best gift we can give our children!