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What is Hawaiian Mana Gardening?

Hawaiian Mana Gardening is a unique, relaxing and quick method of going

inward that guides you to know clearly and concisely what you want,

what you need, and what is the best path forward for you.


Mana Gardening techniques can help you stop re-living and reacting to problems, pain,

trauma, bad habits and grievances by reflecting inward to find concise solutions.

Mana Gardening provides a fun, imaginative and intensely rewarding pathway to improve

your intuition, personal wisdom, and your day-to-day life.




Our vision is that all people have access to an easy, fun and fast way

to tap into their heart, soul and higher power.



Mission Statement

 To study and share the pathway to ancient universal wisdom

through Hawaiian Mana Gardening.

To mentor to those who seek healthier relationships and happier lives.

To create a tidal wave of positive change in our world community.



About the Authors


Aloha from Keti Kamalani and Michelle Shine, PhD


We are the founders, pioneers and first explorers of Mana Gardening, a new path to an ancient wisdom. This shared experience has bonded our friendship and given us a totally new perspective on life! Being able to hold onto our happiness, we are now devoted to the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Kahua ka kou, which means “let us empower the wisdom from within”.

We are both medical school trained cell biologists who have worked and published on the cutting edge of biotechnology. Our solid backgrounds in hard sciences, based on facts, made us analyze everything we observed and keep detailed notes on all our Mana Gardening experiences. As scientists, we were often our biggest critics and we had no desire to put ourselves out there with what we “felt”.  No matter how amazing it was, we had to prove it to ourselves!

We are also devoted moms, hardworking professionals, prolific writers, aspiring artists and musicians; with big stress, bigger struggles and serious real life problems. After almost a decade on the Mana Gardening pathway, we knew without any doubts that what we were witnessing was real, and not just an ancient myth.

Mana Gardening has empowered us with a real and tangible method to access universal inner wisdom, maintain our personal happiness, live better and so very much more!



Keti Kamalani




Iʻm a mid-west American gal and "mom" to more than a dozen yours, mine, ours, biological, and adopted children. I have traveled to over 40 countries, and my studies in medical science have taken me to cutting edge laboratories on the newest frontiers of biotechnology. My husband is the man of my dreams, and we live on a farm in Hawaii surrounded by horses, flowers and fruit trees. So many blessings and yet like most people, I struggled to feel happy.

This desire to stay happy, led Michelle and I to discover a new path to an ancient Hawaiian wisdom that has changed our perspective on life. The unexpected surprise is that this self renewing happiness is empowering! We are now devoted to studying, and sharing our experience through Mana Sciences, Mana Psychology, and Mana Gardening Yoga. We believe that the physical and emotional well being we feel from this forthright personal empowerment could be a valuable tool for improving the worldʻs approach to health and healing!

Kahua ka kou! (Let us empower the wisdom from within)

Love, Keti

Dr. Michelle Shine


Aloha, I grew up on the east coast with hard-working, loving, dedicated parents, a live-in grandma and a little sister,  and have been a science geek since I was 7. In 1996, while living amongst the sheer majesty of the mountains in Colorado, I decided I wanted to practice spirituality AND science. I became a scientist on a spiritual path studying and practicing both (seemingly separate) worlds.

While  suffering through the ending of a marriage, I took a serious hit in the self esteem department, and turned into a broken-hearted doormat. Mana Gardening thankfully came to me during this time and helped me know exactly what I wanted and gave me the motivation to take the actions necessary toward my life desires. And I learned to access my own inner guidance for the first time ever!

With Mana Gardening, I had a way to relax, leverage the active thinking mind and know the real, inner me! I learned ways to love myself when the one I was in love with was no longer in love with me. Mana Gardening gave me a way to feel the presence of a higher power, heightening my faith and spirituality and gave me the tools to become whole, happy and complete again. This was deeply beneficial and profoundly fulfilling! My mana garden feels absolutely sacred to me and it continues to give me strength and love, empowering me to know myself and make choices that are in the highest regard to all others, including myself.

Michelle_9871_WEBHolding a PhD in Biomedical Science from Medical University of South Carolina, I have published peer-reviewed articles in the fields of microbiology, cell signaling, tissue engineering, stem cell therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine. I have also co-authored and served as Co-Investigator on several multi million dollar grants leading scientific and engineering teams towards research goals. See my bio and publications list here. My intention is to scientifically study the effects of Mana Gardening and share my experiences with you to help you along your journey…