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Mana Gardening, Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life

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A new path to an ancient Hawaiian wisdom. Discovered by two top-level research scientists, this powerful, self-guided, cognitive-behavioral technique utilizes the imagination to facilitate direct communication with your higher self, your heart and soul. They call this path Mana Gardening, in honor of the Hawaiian belief in Mana–the spiritual energy, or consciousness that lives within all things.

Empowering and uplifting, discover how to tap into the skills you were born with and learn to access a universal wisdom from within, providing you with answers that align with your personal truth and confirm your best path forward. Enjoy relaxation, improved relationship with self and others, better intuition, a deeper spiritual connection and happiness! It’s easy, fast and fun!

These techniques are currently being explored by many, and will be the treatment in  Mana Sciences™ and Mana Psychology™ Relaxation Method research studies.

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Endorsement from Dr. Mickra Hamilton, CEO and CoFounder, Apeiron Center for Human Potential

“Mana Gardening reconnects us to the intuitive intelligence that resides deep within us all.  It provides a reminder of what we are as conscious creators and orients us to the powerful landscape of the imaginal realm.  Dr. Michelle Shine and Keti Kamalani brilliantly merge science and spirituality to remind us that every thought we think, word we speak and action we take has an effect at the DNA level. The Mana Gardening technique provides a powerfully strategic tool to assist us in creating a limitless life. Well done!”


Praise from Julian

An amazing read, especially because the ancient knowledge connects with my personal studies. I believe you have a unique perspective on this kind of mind mastery and I hope you take it far in publishing and the world.