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30 Aug

People Helping People

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered

Everywhere you look, people are helping people.

Look around and see for yourself.

You see someone opening the door for someone, a person slowing down to let someone in to traffic, someone sharing food with another, giving a helping hand, helping a friend move, offering hugs when someone’s feeling down. You see people flocking to Standing Rock to protect water for the people, flocking to help out with Hurricane Harvey flooding, people donating money to all sorts of worthy causes. This is a very short list of all the help and kindness going on.

There are 1.5 million nonprofit organization’s in the US, over 1 million of them are public charities designed to help people,  animals or the planet.

IMG_1561[1]When I was between houses for a few months, people came to my aid left and right! And I am so grateful! I stayed with friends, I stayed with more friends and I stayed with more friends. They welcomed me and my children into their homes and adapted to having us around.


People helped me move, lots of people helped me move all my junk into a storage unit. People shared their food with me, people shared their love and support when it started getting to be a little too much being ungrounded for so long.

People were kind beyond measure.

My gratefulness abounds and I’m very happy that people are so kind. I see kindness everywhere!

Look around and notice when you see people being kind, offering a helping hand, smiling at another, and being generous. It’s all over the place!

IMG_9912[1]The more we see it, the more we continue to see it. The more we notice it, the more we continue to notice it, and then it becomes our reality.

So, see it in real life, see it in your inner garden.  Feel and imagine yourself having all the help and support that you need. Imagine you helping others and being generous, thoughtful and kind.

Pray for that. See it everywhere. What you focus on grows; it becomes your reality. This is one way to BE the change you wish to see in the world.

We can each do these seemingly small things that will help make this world a better place. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity and your loving spirit!




Ps. The first book in the Mana Gardening series is now available! Get yours here and learn our fast, easy and fun technique for going within and accessing your mana!



10 May

Grandma Replaces Memories to Empower Herself

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered

My grandmother, a.k.a. Nanny, shared with me today that she used a mana gardening technique of replacing memories. She didn’t put it like that of course, but as she told the story, I realized that’s exactly what she did.

IMG_9995Nanny lives in a place with many other elders. The elders get together and share their stories of the past quite frequently. Instead of telling her story of her traumatic upbringing along with divorces and illnesses etc., she shared that she had a very loving, caring mother and father and had a very fun and loving childhood. She also shared that she had a wonderful husband who died young and they had a loving daughter who was very well cared for and nurtured.

In mana gardening, there’s a technique where you replace a non-empowering story with an empowering story—one that makes you feel good instead of one that makes you feel traumatized.

So without knowing it, Nanny gave herself the gift of feeling good instead of putting yourself through the memories of her tragic childhood and marriage! She shared with me that the purpose was so that she wouldn’t have to go through those emotions again. Some may consider that being untruthful,  however, I see it as a gift to herself and her wellbeing. Had she told the dramatic stories, she would’ve felt the negative emotion again and likely would have had to share many more details that would enhance the negative emotions. She just did not want to put herself through that again.

Every time we re-tell the story of a traumatic event, we inadvertently live it again. We experience all the emotions as if it just happened (like right now) as opposed to many years ago. That is how your mind sees it and that is how your body reacts.  Neurologically speaking, she created a new neurological pathway that, if she re-tells the new empowering story a few times or perhaps many times, has the opportunity to become part of her memories and enhance her well-being by leaving her feeling fulfilled with her life, rather than like a victim of a crazy life.

Such techniques, shared in the book Mana Gardening, Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life, have the power to help you replace memories that are potentially harmful to your wellbeing, with memories that benefit you and keep you happier. These are also excellent topics for the fields of Mana Psychologyand Mana Sciences.

And as you know, being happy is paramount to healthy vibrant living!

Get your copy of the book and to learn Mana Gardening happiness techniques.




2 Apr

Using Inner Guidance to Make Decisions

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


Decision Making Can be Super Simple if you Use and Rely on Inner Guidance.


How do you normally make decisions? What is your process?


Do you make a list of pros and cons? Do you play out each outcome and see how each might feel? Do you waver back-and-forth not knowing what choice to make? When you have an important decision to make does it keep you up at night? Does it leave you feeling flustered and doubting yourself?


I used to do all of this.
After Mana Gardening came to me (rather, after it came through me), I stopped all that and began to rely solely my inner guidance for making important (and not so important) decisions.


Mana Gardening is an inner technique using your creative imagination that allows you to quickly and easily access the inner voice that lies within. Everyone has an inner voice specifically designed to assist in everything from what food to eat, to where to relocate. Your guidance is personal to you and directs you towards actions that are consistent your best interests.



As an example, recently I was offered an adjunct teaching position at a local college and had to decide whether to take the position. It was for teaching a single class, as opposed to multiple sections of the same class. I was excited for the opportunity to teach at this college as I had applied for full time opportunities there before and was not selected. At this point in time however, my mental mind was saying, “No way!” It was not worth my time, not enough money, and would take way too long to prepare for each class.


I took this decision straight to my inner garden. After relaxing in that space for a bit and asking whether or not to take the position, interestingly, my inner guidance said, “Yes, do it.”
I did it. I agreed to teach the class, reluctantly.
I did this because I have learned to trust my inner voice even when my mind conjures up many good reasons to not listen to it.


Who knew that my consulting jobs would start to dwindle? Who knew that I would love my students so much? Who knew that I would adore the opportunity to inspire the students and let them know how amazing and immensely intricate their bodies (and hence they) are?


My mental mind was not aware that I would enjoy the material so much that it would be inspire me to serve others on the health and well-being path.IMG_0194


My mental mind was not aware that the connections I would make with the students and colleagues at the college would be so beautiful. And that the opportunity to serve others would also serve me. My inner voice knew all of this, yet my mental mind did not have access to that information.


Inner wisdom is available to all, yet many do not know how to access it. Learning how to quickly access inner guidance and getting to that place where you listen, trust it, and take the appropriate actions can serve you to your great delight! It is kind of like listening to your heart or a higher power speak. Sometimes you get information that is not what you’d expect, yet it is inconceivably brilliant!


Plus, using your inner guidance to help you with choices and decisions saves you the time and energy of going back and forth, creating lists, and doubting yourself. Your inner voice knows what you want. Allowing yourself to trust and follow your inner voice helps you stay at peace within, creates strength and leaves you empowered.

If you would like to learn how to use this ancient Hawaiian technique we call Mana Gardening to empower yourself and your life, register for our training course starting Aug 2o17 here.



17 Feb

Choosing Positive over Negative

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered

Today as I was pulling out of the chiropractor’s office, an older lady, walking rather quickly on the sidewalk, caught my eye. She was clearly talking to me but I didn’t really hear what she was saying. It was something about the bus. As I waved her over, she asked me for a ride because she had just missed her bus, it would be an hour before the next one came, and she was too tired to wait.

I noticed a bit of an old automatic reaction starting — a feeling of being bothered by the request. I decided NOT to choose that autopilot reaction. Shifting quickly out of that and into a feeling of compassion and service, I said, “Sure hop in!” I had no idea where this woman needed to go but she said it was pretty close. Here she was in my car, a kind woman in need of a lift so she could get a nap at her friend’s apartment before having to go back downtown to get in line for the next meal. It turned out she only needed to go about a mile. We wished each other a Happy Valentine’s Day and she was off. It felt really good to have helped a sister out!


Asheville, NC by Maleah Stein 2016

What I find so interesting is the automatic nature of negative responses, or responses filled with ‘what about me’ energy. It seems we actually have to consciously CHOOSE the positive over the negative.Another interesting point concerns that moment of choice. If we are aware, we can notice and then choose to follow either a negative-feeling energy or a positive-feeling energy. Both options are available in any moment and the fact that a negative one showed up first is not ‘bad’ and I’m not ‘bad’ for having that thought. The positive-feeling energy was right there for the choosing as well. It’s simply a matter of choice.It’s about BEING the change you wish to see in the world. So consistently decide to practice BEING positive: keep choosing positive-feeling responses, keep choosing service, and keep helping a brother or sister out!Much Love to You,Michelle

10 Jan

Accelerating Transformation

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered

What does transformation really look like?

How do you know if you are moving in the right direction?

How can you integrate or accelerate your own transformation?

Transformation is what we came here to do. To transform from the flawed human template into a divine template. We came here to be the change we wish to see in the world, to create the golden age for ourselves and indeed all, and live out our dreams, and be fulfilled.

Perhaps you are just getting started, or perhaps you’ve been at this thing called transformation for a long time. Either way, certain things may start to happen that if you notice them, and ground them into your experience, can help you shift even faster.

North Shore Oahu, 2011 by Michelle Shine

First, acknowledge your hard work. Transformation is no easy task. It requires daily commitment to living in a way that feels right to you, right to a higher version of you. You know what I mean. It means not reacting to the triggers of life in the same way, maybe taking a breather, and allowing the triggers to be there without responding.

It means dissociating from the urges to react, dissociating from the mind’s tricks and illusions; it means standing day in and day out in solidarity for yourself, for your true self. It is truly a becoming. It takes constant effort and steadfastness.

It takes learning new tools and tricks and putting them into use to see true benefits. I acknowledge this hard work you have been doing. Please take a moment to give yourself this acknowledgement as well. This is very important.

Sometime during this process of transformation you have a realization, a spiritual moment, an awareness or an ah-ha moment. These occur occasionally and spontaneously, perhaps in meditation. You have this amazing moment that you feel very deeply and profoundly. Eventually it turns into a memory. Then of course, the memory fades and you are left wondering when or if another moment like this will ever happen again.


West Oahu, Camp Timberline, 2011 by Michelle Shine

Here is a way to integrate your new awareness. When you have these experiences, take note.  Make an effort to re-remember these moments so they can stay with you. Make a list of these moments, these awarenesses, when they happen, and review this list often and re-create the experience in your inner garden.

Neuropathways will be developed and sustained such that these awarenesses become part of who you are, and will provide a strength that you can tap into at any time. These realizations and ah-ha moments will no longer be a fleeting thought of the mind. Exciting Mana Sciences research validates the formation of new neuropathways in the mind when we re-remember.

Another thing you may notice about the transformation process is a feeling of neutrality. You begin to notice that triggers that used to affect you do not affect you, that you have a sense of peace amongst absolute craziness. You have no resistance to what is. How beautiful!


Mt. Shasta Wilderness, California 2011 by Michelle Shine

Mt. Shasta Wilderness, California 2011 by Michelle Shine

There is no reason to fear neutrality. Some believe that in being neutral, one loses the ability to feel. It is much to the contrary. This neutrality, where outside circumstances do not trigger you, conjures up an excitement: 1) because you are NOT triggered by outside circumstances (which feels great!), and 2) because you feel peace and strength from deep within.

You feel solid and strong in neutrality, and also very capable of taking action. There is nothing blocking you from attaining your dreams and standing for what you believe in. When you experience neutrality, talk about it with others, so, like the awarenesses, neutrality can be grounded into your experience.  Alternatively, you could write, blog, make yourself a video or voice recording that you may refer to often.

Both awareness and neutrality, if grounded into your experience by remembering them, imagining them, talking about them, writing, etc, will allow them to become part of who you are and will allow forward momentum. This important step re-activates awareness and neutrality and will allow you to maintain higher frequencies which will accelerate transformation.


Maymont Park, Richmond, VA 2015 by Michelle Shine

You are moving in the right direction and transforming every single day. Keep at it! Keep noticing when you have these ah-ha moments, awarenesses, realizations and new states of being. Remember them repeatedly. And give thanks for them. Mana garden them; see and feel them again and again. Allow your imagination to assist you.

You are doing it!

Michelle Shine, PhD


4 Aug

Complaining? Want a Great Trick to Stop?

Michelle Shine / Adult Be Empowered

Do you notice your mind making complaints that make you unhappy?
I notice these things, too.

After feeling pretty good for a while, do you suddenly not feel that good anymore? If so, then take a look at what was just going on in your head and you may see why. I bet your mind has been busy complaining, resisting, and/or procrastinating. (Like my mind does…)

This morning on the way to the gym, I was feeling in good spirits. I had already done my morning mana gardening meditation. Then in the gym,  I caught my head saying things like,


“I don’t want to be here…”
“Ugh. How fast can I get outta here?”
“Why do I always have to move the squat bar holders up a few notches?”
“Why can’t people put the bar cushion away in the right place?”


Felt my energy going downhill and my mood going south.

Noticing my complaining mind,  I decided to do something different.

My intention was to switch my thoughts to change my focus from complaining to something higher that would feel better. The answer I recieved was really helpful, so I was guided to share it.


Asking Questions

First off, let me explain about questions. Many of us know this, yet our minds keep playing this game and we don’t always catch it as quickly as we would like.

If you ask a question, the universe works to answer it.

With that said, always (or at least as much as possible) ask questions you really want an answer to. Questions, that when you learn the answer, you feel good about.

Do NOT ask questions like:

  • Why is there so much traffic?
  • Why are people so huffy today?
  • What is my problem?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why does this always happen to me?


Because you will get the answer at some point and it won’t feel good and it likely won’t serve you to know it anyway. Ok, so that’s the deal with questions. On with how to stop the complaining mind.


Here’s the Trick

Here’s a great trick when you notice complaints flowing.

Ask a NEW question.

Ask,  “What do I LOVE about this?”

When I asked that question in the gym, my mind was flooded with positive, feel good answers!


—I loved that it’s summer and I rode my bike to the gym and simply took off my helmet and started working out. Loved that I didn’t have to wear 4 layers and head to the locker room to de-garb before working out. Loved that today, that part of my life felt easy.

—I loved that my muscles were building strength and I could feel it.

—I loved that my body could even do what I was asking of it, that I was healthy and feeling powerful.

—I loved that I could drink great tasting filtered water and not chlorinated water there.

—I loved that I was there and that others who were taking care of their bodies were there as well.


Then my mood/energy started to shift back up into the positive realm. This is because, instead of focusing on the answers to my complaints and negative questions, I was now focused on a really healthy plethora of awesome answers!

What a great question to ask!

The monkey mind is bananas (well actually it’s nuts!) and works hard to keep us in a negative space, so we have to have some tricks up our sleeves to help us stay true to highest nature. We have a right to be happy! Hope this trick helps you!

Next time you notice the mind complaining about something, just ask,

“What do I love about this?”

Or ask questions you really want the answers to and see what you get. Bet you will feel much better!


3 Aug

Following your Inner Guidance = HAPPY!

Michelle Shine / Adult Be Empowered

Tuning inward is incredibly beneficial.IMG_6626

And magical.
And healthy.
And calming.
And nurturing…

From inside you can feel your own energy, you can feel the energy of life, and you can access your own inner wisdom.

Inner wisdom is available to all, yet many do not know how to access it.

From the inner perspective, you can hear your heart speak. It tells you what the best path forward is for you. You ask a question and an answer comes.
Ask and ye shall receive.

Sometimes the answer is not what you’d expect, yet it is something inconceivably brilliant, something you had never considered. Then you KNOW you have accessed it and you are now probably hooked!

I created the following videos when I was in Colorado after receiving the inner guidance from mana gardening to “get my butt to Colorado”.

I followed this guidance from within and received many, many blessings.

In the first video, I even tested the universe in a playful game to see what it would do.

Check it out:


It played in my favor.

You’ve heard the phrase, the universe has your back? Or God has your back? Well, that was fully demonstrated as shown in the above video. The universe opened up its forces to give me what my heart wanted. And I would not have really known what I wanted if I had not tuned in via mana gardening.

The Joy and Excitement

This next video shares the excitement and joy that comes when you follow your guidance (your heart).

The Sheer Gratitude

In this next video, I get a little vulnerable (with tears) in sharing the gratitude and appreciation I have for my inner garden. This space that I access daily, multiple times a day, is helpful, nurturing, all-knowing, and brilliant. For its love and guidance, I give great thanks. And for me, I give thanks that I allowed myself to listen and receive.


When you tune inward via mana gardening you are accessing your heart energy and when you follow this inner guidance, you feel guided and purposeful with a lot of self love. More on self love here. [Michelle write blog on the self love you get from MG and link it here]



We are Called to Share

Keti and I are happily sharing these techniques that have graced our lives in such a potent, brilliant, and easy way.

We are now taking clients and would love to assist you on your path to a better life. If you feel called to our work, join a class here or book a private session.

We also enjoy leading groups of all kinds (including kids!) Please contact us here to book a group session or workshop.


May the Force be with You!

Psst–It already IS–all you have to do is tune in and listen!




5 Mar

Intro to Mana Gardening- Free Instructional Audios

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


Get Ready for an Expansive Experience that will get you
Happy About Your Life!

As we await the publication of our first book, Keti and I have begun to share Mana Gardening teachings with folks.  Many have excitedly asked,

  • How do I get started?
  • What is the first step?
  • I want to start right away, what can I be doing before the book comes out?

Thank you for the questions!  In response to those questions, I have created 2 free audio files (below) that you can tune into anytime.

Audio 1 answers the questions, “What is Mana Gardening?” and “How do I get started?”  Audio 1 also provides you with suggestions and examples that prepare you for Audio 2.

Audio 2 guides you to create and experience your mana garden.

YEScooltreecolorCH10 (1)

What is Mana Gardening?

In a nutshell,  Mana Gardening is an easy, fast and fun technique using your imagination that at first cultivates:

  • relaxation,
  • a sense of wellbeing,
  • a feeling of being at peace,
  • and a feeling of being nurtured.

Feelings very much needed in our busy lives!


The Benefits

From this place of stillness and wellbeing, which you can access very rapidly, you can then experience a higher wisdom , your own inner guidance, your intuition or whatever you choose to call that creative wisdom that lives inside of you.

You can ask questions in your mana garden and receive the wisdom and clarity you request.

One of the first benefits is immense relaxation no matter what is going on around you.  You can go to this safe, nurturing place within your imagination, your mana garden,  in  a matter of seconds and feel your body relax.  This feeling of relaxation and wellbeing can reset your moment, your hour or your entire day!

It can:

  • calm you,
  • change your perspective,
  • and provide a mini recharge.

And you can do it in 30 seconds wherever you are (please not while driving!)


Getting Started

To get started, you will want to consider what type of environments feel good to you and allow you to feel at peace, nurtured, safe and loved.

Some examples:

  • sitting next to a waterfall
  • being next to a stream or river listening to the water flowing past you
  • amongst wildflowers in a meadow with abundant wildlife
  • in a quiet library
  • on a cozy couch next to a warm fire
  • cuddling with your children or special someone
  • floating on the water
  • fishing, sailing, surfing or boating on beautiful water
  • on a mountain top watching the sunset
  • relaxing in a hammock in a cool summer breeze in the shade

Once you have an idea of which scene you would like to create for your relaxation, listen to Audio 2 as I gently guide you to experience your very own mind garden.

From there, you can go into your mana garden via your imagination and relax at will any time you want.

Keti and I recommend experiencing the peace of your inner garden several times per day (5-6 is ideal).  Again, this takes very little time (30-sec to 2 min tops) and can be done while in an elevator, waiting in line at the store,  waiting for coffee, waiting for computer software to load up, while waiting for your kids to get buckled in the car or while they are lolligagging.  (Obviously, any time you are waiting you can be mana gardening!)


The Free Audios

The Intro/How to Get Started audio was separated from the experience of Entering your Mana Garden, so once you have the background info, you could just go straight to the guided meditation and not have to re-listen to info you already know.

Listen in as often as you like! They are here for you as a makana (which means gift in Hawaiian).
Audio 1: Intro/How to get Started

Audio 2: Plant your Garden- Guided Meditation

It gives me great joy to share Mana Gardening with you and your feedback is welcome. Your sharing helps others, so please share your experience.

If you would like more, please join the Mana Gardening email list for our newsletter in the subscription box below.

I have a feeling you will immensely enjoy your personal slice of heaven, your mana garden, and I can’t wait for you to receive the immense benefits!

See you in the Garden,


4 Feb

What is Letting Go? And How Do You Do It?

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered



“Just let it go…”  People say to those who are experiencing a tough time or situation.

And there’s the phrase that we have all heard, “Let go and let God…”

I actually heard a suffering man shout profanities at someone who said, “Just let it go, man!”

Perhaps this man didn’t know how to let go, or perhaps he had tried to let it go a million times and the incident still haunted him.




But What Does “Letting Go” Really Mean?
How Do You Do It?  How Do You Actually LET GO?

When someone pushes your buttons, or a situation presents itself that is not what you had expected or someone’s behavior seriously disappoints you, what are you to do?

The main questions are:

  • Do you want to be happy?
  • Do you truly want to NOT focus on this person or situation in order to be happy NOW?

Tough ones.

People say, “Of course I want to be happy.”

Maybe you have to give the situation some attention to get to the place where you can let it go.  You might need to consider this person or situation until you get a perspective that allows you to let go.  Sometimes it takes a bit of time before you can truly let something go.


An Example

Recently, someone totally surprised me with behavior I didn’t expect.

We had an important agreement that had been in place for years (in writing I must add) and I had religiously cooperated with my end of the agreement.  I just felt it was the right thing to do.

Because of this, many people, including myself benefited.

Now it was his turn to uphold our agreement and here he was backing out of it.   Hmmm.

It really disappointed me.

I fumed a bit and without explaining the situation, I texted a friend for advice on how to handle it when you are seriously disappointed with someone’s ‘out of integrity’ behavior?


The Answer from the Garden

She didn’t get back to me until the morning, so in the meantime, I used mana gardening and relaxed next to a beautiful waterfall.  I then asked the wisdom of my garden, “How do I handle this?”

Interestingly, the garden showed me that I needed to focus on my OWN integrity!

  • To be PLEASED with MYSELF for upholding the agreement.
  • For being integral.
  • For following what I believed was right, with my action.

I got a good sense of self.  A good sense of who I truly am.
Actually what I received from mind gardening was a healthy dose of SELF-LOVE.  I felt love for myself and basked in that feeling for quite some time.

Then, from within my mana garden, I imagined this man’s energy leaving my garden and being absolutely unable to affect me from now on.   My inner garden went completely white for a moment and then came back to its brilliant scenic colors.


With that I gave gratitude and went to bed. And I slept well.


My Friend’s Reply

Early the next morning, my friend replied via text.

Her answer on how to handle such a situation:  COMPASSION.

What a beautiful answer.

She added:

“Trust that everyone is doing their best with what they have,
and right now, this is his best.
If he is acting out of integrity, he must be suffering at some level.
Have empathy.”

Hmmm.  Great words.

I let them sink in for a minute.


It All Comes Down to a Decision

With those words, I decided to let it go.  The situation, his behavior, the lack of integrity, ALL of IT. I even had to let go of the fact that I felt I had a right to be angry with him.

I decided that the best perspective to take for me to be truly happy and be able to let go of this was one of compassion for him and a celebration of me.

It all came down to a simple decision.

And it was as if it all just left me right then.  I felt lighter!


So, How Do You Let Go?  Truly.  And be happy?

It takes a little trial and error to find what methods work for YOU and definitely some practice.  And it takes a perspective shift.

Perspective is everything.  It can change everything!

It takes a serious desire to be happy over anything else.  It takes a conscious choice to be happy over holding on to the pain, the drama, the disappointment, or being right.

It takes FOCUS!  A dedication to focusing on things that make you happy.

It takes a DECISION to let it go.


Mana Gardening is a great way to experience your own happiness, a higher wisdom, a higher perspective, and the truest version of YOU!

Next time you want to let something go and not be bothered by it continuously, begin mana gardening and relax, and when you are ready, ask some questions.

Such as:

  • “How do I handle this?”
  • “What is the highest thought I can think about this situation?”
  • “What perspective would allow me to let go of all this now?”
  • “What is truly going on here?”
  • “What do I need to know about this?”

You might be shown a new, brighter perspective that helps you let go. One that allows you to be happy with whatever the heck is going on!

You might be shown how amazing YOU ARE!

Your friend may say something the next day in direct relation to the question you asked and you might just KNOW or FEEL that that was the answer you were seeking.

The garden is brilliant!

Brilliant at maintaining your happiness and providing perspectives that are the best for all concerned (especially YOU!)

Your invitation is to become familiar with your mind gardening space, know it well, and allow that space to work with you to help you let go of all the worries, the drama, guilt, situations that don’t please you, the behavior of others.… and more.

When mana gardening, you can see your true self, your truest nature, a version of you that you LOVE!

I hope this information is helpful!  As always, keep what resonates with you and discard the rest.

Coaching on this helpful, fun and easy technique, called Mana Gardening is available. Click here to sign up.

Big Love to you,
-Dr. Shine

3 Feb

Mana @ work & love!

Keti / Be Empowered


@ work:

Throughout my life, I have been required to attend meetings that drone on for hours, and hours. I am sure you know the drill: your boss goes on and on about nothing.  The senseless complaints are long, the hot air is choking. The only thing that gets accomplished is a waste of your valuable time. I once sat in a two hour business meeting where our CEO explained a basketball story that went something like this.

The coach said, “Only throw the ball overhead.”

The all star player said, “If I do that I won’t make the shot.”

The coach said, “Do what I say, right or wrong.”

The team lost every game,  but they did learn how to do what they were told.

End of story.


What was the point here?

Do what I say, win or lose, right or wrong?


This pretty much sums up my career with this company:  we lost a lot of money, but our CEO got a big fat bonus every year.

Sound familiar?


Anytime I wind up in a meeting that serves no purpose, I reflect on that basketball story.

It really could be so different, it really is easier than this.


There is a simple Mana Gardening-inspired method that goes like this:

Send out an email to stating the problem.

Say, “Short meeting- each person has to present a one sentence simple solution.”

“As your boss, I will start the meeting with my solution. We will take only a few minutes to discuss solutions and choose some to try, the meeting will take less than 20 minutes.”

A CEO should be held responsible to condense the problems into one sentence statements and they should be able to present a one sentence solution to every problem.


@ love:

We should use this same simple approach.

Ever been greeted with the phrase “We need to talk”?

This statement makes me want to cry. I know we are about to play the spin our lives upside and ruin everything good about right now game.

Your loved one is unhappy and does not have a clue what is really wrong or what they really even want.

Next time you find yourself in this place, try this:

Instead of talking, think of a one sentence statement of the exact problem plus a one sentence solution.

When you find those two sentences, then ask your loved one to try the solution together.

What a wonderful world it could be…

The mind, body and soul is a garden, our actions and thoughts are like seeds, let us water the mana, and pull out the weeds.