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Mana Gardening Institute

Mana Gardening Institute is a Hawaii-based organization established to support scientific research and information in Mana Gardening®  techniques for health, healing and well being.

A percentage of every sale from all Hawaiian Mana Gardening products and events goes to support Mana Gardening research.



Q. What is Hawaiian Mana Gardening?

A. Well it is simple really. To be happy you have to know what you want, and you have to be empowered to go for it! Hawaiian Mana Gardening is a unique and relaxing method that guides you to know clearly and concisely what you want, what you need, and what is the best path forward for you.

Mana Gardening techniques empower you to stop re-living and reacting to problems, pain, trauma, bad habits and grievances by reflecting inward to discover concise solutions. It is a fun, imaginative and intensely rewarding pathway to improve your intuition, personal wisdom, and your day to day life.
M. Shine 2009

Q. What makes Hawaiian Mana Gardening worthy of studying?

A. With all the advances in science and medicine why are most people less healthy and less happy? Our traditional health care system is focused on patching and repairing what is damaged, defective or nonfunctional but this only addresses the problem, not the person.

Think of it like this. What if I gave you a computer, but the standard operating program in the computer was coded wrong. What if I spent all my time only correcting the errors when they appear?

But people are not computers, we cannot simply erase the old code and enter a new one. And most people don’t even know what is wrong with their code, what they really want their code to do for them or what they really need it to be.

Behavioral health has previously focused on uncovering the underlying problem that is hidden deep within the code.  This is a good approach but it is tough to do because how do we examine a code while the program is operating? And even when we find the bad code this approach has no way to re-write the code.

Every person in the world will agree that there are things about them that need to change, but true changes have to come from the subconscious mind.  We have to change from within.  Ancient healers spoke of being one with yourself, of knowing yourself and healing yourself…if this is what they mean…how is that even possible?

To do this you would need to keep your computer programming running, have it diagnose itself and even work with itself to repair itself! That’s what most computer diagnostic programs do, but how is that possible in people?

What if we could know what we want to know, know what we need, be in control of our thoughts, and to be able to correct our way of reacting?

We need a way for the human mind to do what computer diagnostic programs do.  This would require a way for the subconscious and conscious minds to work together cohesively, in a stress-free and stable environment.

This is what Mana Gardening does for you.

Leaf-TemplateQ. What makes Hawaiian Mana Gardening unique?

A. Mana Gardening gives you a method to occupy and entertain the conscious mind in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Now the conscious and subconscious minds can exchange valuable information any time.

What are the conscious mind and the subconscious mind? The conscious mind has a lot to do, and like any CEO it is very busy keeping your life in forward motion. It doesn’t always have time to check on your best interests, your real wants or needs. It also does not have time to upload everything that the subconscious mind records.

Subconscious records? That sounds odd doesn’t it? We never stop to think about this. The subconscious mind is taking in everything around you every waking moment of your life, and maybe even during sleeping time too.

Your CEO never even bothers to look at all that data. In fact our conscious mind doesn’t even know how to look at, download or even use that data. What would happen if we had a way to access those records, keep moving forward and make the needed changes and even feel good doing so?

M. Shine 2010

Q. Why isn’t this being studied already?

A. Well we scientists have proven a lot, but we have barely scratched the surface in studies regarding human mind or the relationship between our mind and what is happening within us, let alone how all that affects our body.

Scientists have tried very hard to solve many human problems but even though we can keep you alive on a heart and lung machine we have not been able to figure out why some people get very sick and some never get sick at all. Why are some people able to thrive and be happy in spite of everything else around them?

For some reason we don’t study those folks who are doing just fine. If you are healthy and happy doctors never ever see you and we rarely, work on how to help sick people feel happier or stronger without a lot of drugs.

Some scientists and doctors think we are overlooking a very important aspect of health and healing but we don’t really know what that overlooked piece is.  We know we have missed something but we don’t know precisely what we are missing.

Great minds are working on neuroplasticity and brain remodeling, and some researchers have tried various other ways to look into the human body and mind at the same time. Exciting new research is being done. But we have not yet had a way to do so with the conscious and subconscious turned on and tuned in at the same time.

We think that maybe, just maybe, Hawaiian Mana Gardening may provide some pieces of the puzzle. Maybe by using this new method of being focused inward in a relaxed manner, we can get the subconscious and conscious mind working together to help you recognize your needs and solve them in a way that helps you too.

We believe Mana Gardening is worth looking into and some of our colleagues think so too.  The concept of a universal inner wisdom has been around for longer than the Hippocratic Oath. Ancient Hawaiians understood the importance of inner peace to retaining a healthy body and mind. Yes, some may roll their eyes but even they will agree that what we have been doing isn’t really working…so why not put Mana Gardening under the microscope too!

That’s exactly what we intend to do.

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