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 Michelle Shine, PhD BioPicture6

Michelle_9871_WEBDr. Shine has been a scientist on a spiritual path for almost 20 years and has published peer-reviewed articles in the fields of microbiology, tissue engineering, human adult stem cell therapy, biotechnology, and complementary and alternative medicine.


In addition to being a student of many spiritual modalities for the last 20 years, she is the CoFounder and Pioneer of Mana Gardening. Practicing this technique daily for over a decade transformed her from a broken-hearted doormat into an empowered, happy woman actively creating her version of Heaven on Earth.

The wisdom of this ancient Hawaiian method is shared in her recently published book, co-authored by Keti Kamalani, entitled, Mana Gardening – Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life.  Dr. Shine teaches Mana Gardening skills in person and online, hosts retreats and scientific presentations, and is the CEO and Director of Research for Mana Gardening Institute.

Dr. Shine’s CV and publication list