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Aloha from Mana Gardening!

Michelle and I are very different in our approach to everything and yet through Mana Gardening we are now on the same amazing life path!

Our unique styles of mentoring allow you to share a variety of Mana Gardening experiences while accessing your own happiness! Let our differences work for you! We encourage you to participate in both of our blogs or simply cozy up in the blog that benefits you the most!

Love, Keti



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Did you know that volumetric brain changes from empowerment techniques have now been medically proven! Our new book is the basis of two federal research proposals and a presentation of Mana Gardening EMPOWER YOURSELF AND LIVE A BETTER LIFE at the 2017 SONIC BLOOM in Colorado, June 15-18. OMG science nerds on holiday, where are […]

This is the print version of my presentation called Floating Down Stream, it’s a Luxury! Aloha, This is Keti Kamalani, and today I want to give you a visual gift. A life tool that can make every stress filled moment, not only bearable, but physically relaxing and emotionally renewing. In our book Mana Gardening, Empower […]


Just visit home page, click on the empower me free button, and register to win!

Aloha, Let’s talk about the emotions mad, and sad. These usually trip us up, putting our life into a spin. As you use Mana Gardening you will hear a term we call “spinning out”. This is the habit of letting our thoughts derail our lives. In spinning out we lose the moment at hand reflecting […]

There is an expression “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?” that Wikipedia can’t identify who said it first. There is also the bible verse Psalm 23:5, “My Cup Runneth Over”. One thing for sure, no matter who was first in this train of thought, the optimist/pessimist pendulum has been around for a long time, and […]

  @ work: Throughout my life, I have been required to attend meetings that drone on for hours, and hours. I am sure you know the drill: your boss goes on and on about nothing.  The senseless complaints are long, the hot air is choking. The only thing that gets accomplished is a waste of […]

Aloha kindred souls! I am a research scientist and a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. I was taught Hatha yoga based on methods that align your body to avoid stress or injury. I am currently working with another wonderful yogi documenting ways anyone can use simple basic yoga techniques to access the energy within to empower […]

We all have a million dollars worth of technological toys at our finger tips. Car, phone, computer, tablet, T.V., Washer, dryer, stove, fridge, microwave, clock, hair dryer, blah blah blah…and most of us are too tired to get up and turn the lights on. We got it all, and we got nothing. All these doodads […]

There is an aspect of Mana Psychology that everyone should challenge themselves to investigate further and the key words for this are spontaneous healing! Now you may say isn’t this more fitting for Mana Sciences, but the answer is no, and that is because science cannot explain how some people are spontaneously healed from medically validated […]