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Training in Mana Gardening® is available!

We offer courses and one-on-one trainings at several different levels to suit a variety of clients.


Hawaiian Mana Gardening® Mastery System

In Hawaiian, Mana, translates to power, but not exactly as other societies view power. It does not pertain to material possessions, or career status. In Hawaiian, Mana is the life force energy that flows through all things. Mana is highly individual: you have a chance to gain or lose mana in everything you do.

In Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism, Charlotte Berney explains that, “Having meaningful work to do, enjoying harmonious relationships with those around you, and being of service in some way help to gather mana.”

These courses are designed to invite you to experience the Mana within YOU and allow it to assist you in living a better, happier, more fulfilled life. All courses include kokua, Hawaiian for help and support, as you dig in and uncover your deeper self and the soft ways this deeper self can guide you.


Hawaiian Mana Gardening® Mastery System is offered in 3 packages to assist you in your personal growth goals: 


Level 1- Aloha Gardener:

Inner Wisdom & Creativity with Mana Gardening 

Starting March 20, 2019 Register Here

Aloha is the most intimate of all greetings. It’s the unconditional extension of trust and friendship to include strangers. Defined literally, the joyful sharing of life energy in the present; to consciously manifest life joyously in the present. Implies stewardship and caring for others and our world.

Inner Wisdom & Creativity with Mana Gardening

MG course Flyer-no dateWhen: Every Wednesday for 1 hour for 12 weeks (Mar 20 – Jun 5)

Where: Your Phone or Computer (wherever you are). Weekly call-ins or log-ins.

This 3-month Aloha course membership prepares the soil for your Mana Garden and invites you to cultivate your Mana and begin living with the Spirit of Aloha. Dr. Michelle Shine will personally guide you, step-by-step, to learn Hawaiian Mana Gardening Techniques and experience your success as a beginning gardener of your own consciousness and empowerment. She holds your hand every step of the way, giving you feedback, keeping you on track and moving forward with your personal transformation targets.

Mana Gardening® is a cognitive-behavioral technique that provides an easy access portal to the infinite wisdom of your higher self, an ancient Hawaiian method that uses your creative imagination to support your full empowerment. You will experience a deep inner relationship with a higher version of yourself that leaves you feeling guided, on purpose and truly supported. As you feel your Mana increasing, you will also experience relaxation, more fulfilling relationships with others, improved intuition, as well as deep peace and happiness as you tune into the REAL YOU.

During these three months you will discover how to:

  • Access your inner wisdom easily and quickly, anytime!
  • Identify what you want, what you need and your best path forward (Design the garden plot)
  • Let Go of what is not serving you (Pulling the weeds).
  • Upgrade your relationship with partners, friends, relatives, co-workers and, most importantly, yourself.
  • Feel connected to your heart and soul, and experience your Mana
  • Access and trust your intuition
During the 12 weeks, you get:
  • 6 Live Teaching Teleconference calls every other Wednesday
  • 6 Live Small Group POD calls- scheduled opposite weeks as Teaching calls, per your availability (Wednesdays preferred)
  • Copy of book: Mana Gardening – Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life, by K. Kamalani & Dr. Michelle Shine
  • Receive lessons and weekly assignments
  • Receive guided meditations and experiential energy exercises
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Email support
  • Online support and nurturing share space in private FB group
  • Accountability and continued forward momentum
You will be assigned to a small group (your own dolphin POD) that you will stay with for the series to foster support and trust. Receive consistent and personal support as Dr. Shine leads your POD in open discussions and sharing of your experiences and challenges in a more intimate atmosphere. Receive one-on-one support, guidance and suggestions to help you get the specific results you are seeking.
Benefits of POD calls are:
  • A cohesive, nurturing environment to continue your inner work
  • Intimate, small, safe space for authentic sharing
  • Lasting personal relationships with POD group members
  • Accountability and continued forward momentum

Level 2- Hana Gardener          More Info

This course is designed for those wanting to implement Mana Gardening techniques in deeper realms of life to create wellness, peace (and whatever else you want). In addition to Kokua, help and support, the following Hawaiian values are integral to this course:


IMG_9970[1]Hana means to craft, work, or to create. It implies putting in the effort necessary.

Ahonui, is a value that ranges from a simple act of patience to persevering over long periods with strength and dignity.


This 6-month Hana membership includes everything in the Aloha 3-month membership PLUS you move on to planting the seeds of your new consciousness. Here, we dig deeper into the inner plane to cultivate real peace in your world and increase your experience of Mana.


In addition to the results you enjoyed from the first 3 months of Aloha training, you will discover and experience:

  • Emotional Wellness- using the highly effective No-Spin Power Tool
  • Emotional Wellness- weeding and letting go successfully to maintain your personal peace
  • New perspectives that change your state of being
  • Resolution in relationships- using inner Mana Gardening techniques rooted in neuroscience to improve relationships
  • Intimacy with your Inner Guidance System- experiencing and maintaining true self love



You get 3 more months of kokua, support:

  • 6 more Live Teaching Webinars
  • 6 more POD calls
  • Membership in the Private Facebook Community
  • Email support
  • Complimentary, signed copy of Mana Gardening book



TWO 60-minute individual, private sessions with me to use anytime within the 6 month period

Level 3- Kumu Gardener – A Mana Gardening Certification Course      More Info

This course is designed for those wanting significant personal growth and the option of teaching Mana Gardening techniques in your own business. In addition to Kokua, help and support, the following Hawaiian values are integral to this course:


IMG_5295Kumu means teacher, or guide

Alaka‘i is about a person’s willingness to assume the responsibilities of leadership.  

Akahai is to be unpretentious, gentle, modest, and unassuming. Not to be confused with shyness, akahai is expressed as a quiet strength of character.


This 12-month Kumu membership provides you with intensive personalized attention on what matters to YOU as you deepen your practice with the intent of assuming the responsibilities of Mana Gardening leadership.

As you work with me and your small group (or pod), you get to enjoy the growth of your inner garden and harvest your bounty in real life!


Successful completion of this course verifies you as a Certified Mana Gardening Specialist.


Once certified, you may use the Mana Gardening™ platform for training others through the Aloha-level course. This course prepares you to teach the Mana Gardening techniques and requires your consistent dedication to self-mastery. Please see the Mana Gardening Specialist agreement before entering into this program.


In this supportive, intimate facilitation program, you will discover and experience all the results from the Aloha (Level 1) and Hana (Level 2)courses,



  • Transforming intense emotions into peace
  • Increasing self worth
  • Upgrading your subconscious programming
  • Personal empowerment
  • Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Using the Mana Gardening tools to empower others


You get 6 more months of support:

  • 12 more Live Teaching Webinars
  • 12 more POD calls
  • Membership in the Private Facebook Community
  • Email support
  • Complimentary copy of Mana Gardening book


2 VIP days- A VIP day is a full day of private, 1-0n-1 time with me in Asheville, NC or your city (for additional fee to cover travel expenses). These 2 VIP days will be fully customized to maximize your Mana and prepare you for Mana Gardening leadership.


These courses will be starting soon. Register or Get More Info as to how we can help YOU!

Level 1 - Aloha - Register Here Level 2 - Hana/Get Info Level 3 - Kumu/Get info
Mana Gardening Yoga Certification

**Mana Gardening Yoga Certification:  RYT® Certified Yoga Instructors are individually taught Mana Gardening techniques including On-the -Go Meditation and Hawaiian empowerment methods to offer a unique experience to their Yoga classes. Register for the Mana Gardening Yoga – Private Class for access to the Certification Program.