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30 Aug

People Helping People

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered

Everywhere you look, people are helping people.

Look around and see for yourself.

You see someone opening the door for someone, a person slowing down to let someone in to traffic, someone sharing food with another, giving a helping hand, helping a friend move, offering hugs when someone’s feeling down. You see people flocking to Standing Rock to protect water for the people, flocking to help out with Hurricane Harvey flooding, people donating money to all sorts of worthy causes. This is a very short list of all the help and kindness going on.

There are 1.5 million nonprofit organization’s in the US, over 1 million of them are public charities designed to help people,  animals or the planet.

IMG_1561[1]When I was between houses for a few months, people came to my aid left and right! And I am so grateful! I stayed with friends, I stayed with more friends and I stayed with more friends. They welcomed me and my children into their homes and adapted to having us around.


People helped me move, lots of people helped me move all my junk into a storage unit. People shared their food with me, people shared their love and support when it started getting to be a little too much being ungrounded for so long.

People were kind beyond measure.

My gratefulness abounds and I’m very happy that people are so kind. I see kindness everywhere!

Look around and notice when you see people being kind, offering a helping hand, smiling at another, and being generous. It’s all over the place!

IMG_9912[1]The more we see it, the more we continue to see it. The more we notice it, the more we continue to notice it, and then it becomes our reality.

So, see it in real life, see it in your inner garden.  Feel and imagine yourself having all the help and support that you need. Imagine you helping others and being generous, thoughtful and kind.

Pray for that. See it everywhere. What you focus on grows; it becomes your reality. This is one way to BE the change you wish to see in the world.

We can each do these seemingly small things that will help make this world a better place. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity and your loving spirit!




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5 Mar

Intro to Mana Gardening- Free Instructional Audios

Michelle Shine / Be Empowered


Get Ready for an Expansive Experience that will get you
Happy About Your Life!

As we await the publication of our first book, Keti and I have begun to share Mana Gardening teachings with folks.  Many have excitedly asked,

  • How do I get started?
  • What is the first step?
  • I want to start right away, what can I be doing before the book comes out?

Thank you for the questions!  In response to those questions, I have created 2 free audio files (below) that you can tune into anytime.

Audio 1 answers the questions, “What is Mana Gardening?” and “How do I get started?”  Audio 1 also provides you with suggestions and examples that prepare you for Audio 2.

Audio 2 guides you to create and experience your mana garden.

YEScooltreecolorCH10 (1)

What is Mana Gardening?

In a nutshell,  Mana Gardening is an easy, fast and fun technique using your imagination that at first cultivates:

  • relaxation,
  • a sense of wellbeing,
  • a feeling of being at peace,
  • and a feeling of being nurtured.

Feelings very much needed in our busy lives!


The Benefits

From this place of stillness and wellbeing, which you can access very rapidly, you can then experience a higher wisdom , your own inner guidance, your intuition or whatever you choose to call that creative wisdom that lives inside of you.

You can ask questions in your mana garden and receive the wisdom and clarity you request.

One of the first benefits is immense relaxation no matter what is going on around you.  You can go to this safe, nurturing place within your imagination, your mana garden,  in  a matter of seconds and feel your body relax.  This feeling of relaxation and wellbeing can reset your moment, your hour or your entire day!

It can:

  • calm you,
  • change your perspective,
  • and provide a mini recharge.

And you can do it in 30 seconds wherever you are (please not while driving!)


Getting Started

To get started, you will want to consider what type of environments feel good to you and allow you to feel at peace, nurtured, safe and loved.

Some examples:

  • sitting next to a waterfall
  • being next to a stream or river listening to the water flowing past you
  • amongst wildflowers in a meadow with abundant wildlife
  • in a quiet library
  • on a cozy couch next to a warm fire
  • cuddling with your children or special someone
  • floating on the water
  • fishing, sailing, surfing or boating on beautiful water
  • on a mountain top watching the sunset
  • relaxing in a hammock in a cool summer breeze in the shade

Once you have an idea of which scene you would like to create for your relaxation, listen to Audio 2 as I gently guide you to experience your very own mind garden.

From there, you can go into your mana garden via your imagination and relax at will any time you want.

Keti and I recommend experiencing the peace of your inner garden several times per day (5-6 is ideal).  Again, this takes very little time (30-sec to 2 min tops) and can be done while in an elevator, waiting in line at the store,  waiting for coffee, waiting for computer software to load up, while waiting for your kids to get buckled in the car or while they are lolligagging.  (Obviously, any time you are waiting you can be mana gardening!)


The Free Audios

The Intro/How to Get Started audio was separated from the experience of Entering your Mana Garden, so once you have the background info, you could just go straight to the guided meditation and not have to re-listen to info you already know.

Listen in as often as you like! They are here for you as a makana (which means gift in Hawaiian).
Audio 1: Intro/How to get Started

Audio 2: Plant your Garden- Guided Meditation

It gives me great joy to share Mana Gardening with you and your feedback is welcome. Your sharing helps others, so please share your experience.

If you would like more, please join the Mana Gardening email list for our newsletter in the subscription box below.

I have a feeling you will immensely enjoy your personal slice of heaven, your mana garden, and I can’t wait for you to receive the immense benefits!

See you in the Garden,