Aloha kindred souls! I am a research scientist and a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. I was taught Hatha yoga based on methods that align your body to avoid stress or injury. I am currently working with another wonderful yogi documenting ways anyone can use simple basic yoga techniques to access the energy within to empower us and center us! The ancient Hawaiians called this energy Mana and believed that by nurturing this power we can enjoy our lives fully, retain our personal happiness, and heal ourselves too! We are using Yoga practices to help individuals move inwards on their own journey, to embrace their forthright personal empowerment. We are not leaders or gurus, we are simply fellow explorers searching for ways to use and build upon the Mana that is already freely ours. let us journey together!

Watch for our Yoga tutorials to be posted soon but I dont want to say goodbye without giving you something you can use right now. So tonight before you go to bed, stand up, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Picture yourself somewhere beautiful and ask yourself if any place on your body has an ache or pain, or perhaps there is sorrow in your heart or stress on your mind. Then reach upward, stretch as tall and long as you can up towards the stars, and exhale letting go of the ache, the pain, the sorrow and the stress, breathe an exhale. Congratulations you jsut completed two yoga postures, Tadasana and Urdhva Hastasana! Then get into bed feeling better about yourself and did you have any idea that Yoga could be so easy!!!! Stay calm and MANA on!