We all have a million dollars worth of technological toys at our finger tips. Car, phone, computer, tablet, T.V., Washer, dryer, stove, fridge, microwave, clock, hair dryer, blah blah blah…and most of us are too tired to get up and turn the lights on. We got it all, and we got nothing. All these doodads to make our lives easier but not one of these gadgets make our lives truly better.

Most of us feel numb at the end of our technological day. We have way too much stuff and we donʻt even have what we need. In fact, we have no idea what we needed anyways, we donʻt really even know what we want. Do you want to know what you really want? Would you like to know what you really need? Do you know that you already have everything you need to be truly happy, endlessly!

When you have your Mana on, you know exactly what you want, and you know exactly what you donʻt want. You even feel empowered to get what ya need and do what you really want to do! Sound good? It is good. Want to have an ever flowing endless river of energy flowing in your soul? You should because it is free, and you just have to turn it on and let it flow!

Are you asking yourself…what is this? What is she talking about? Could this be true? Could I really, already have everything I ever needed to be happy, truly happy, and no one ever taught me how to turn my energy on and enjoy it? Got Mana? Yes you do! Now letʻs get your Mana on and start your river flowing from within!

letʻs start with this exercise. You have to begin with baby steps. But remember you are going to do the walking and soon the running climbing, dancing and jumping for joy. You were born with the ability to do all of this and you donʻt need anyone else to do them, but it does help to have someone there to cheer you on and help you keep going, when you take your first steps.

So take this first step. What is heaven to you? Close your eyes, visualize, put yourself there and feel a few seconds of relax. Now try that every time you have more than 15 seconds of free time. Bask in that feeling of instant relief from everyone and everything. Keep trying this and come back cause I am going to guide you along a path that I have already taken and we are going to get your MANA on!