This is the print version of my presentation called Floating Down Stream, it’s a Luxury!


This is Keti Kamalani, and today I want to give you a visual gift. A life tool that can make every stress filled moment, not only bearable, but physically relaxing and emotionally renewing.

In our book Mana Gardening, Empower yourself and live a better life, we often refer to floating down stream, what we tell you that whenever the chaos of life is pushing your buttons, you have to learn how to float down stream and let it all go…

Today I wanna give you, a picture of this and help you learn to use and master this tool. I want you to picture a gently flowing stream, the water is smooth, the sun is warm but not hot, and there is a soft breeze, the air smells crisp and clean and fresh.

And I want you to imagine yourself with a big soft floating lounge chair, maybe its got a cup holder or maybe its one of those pool floaties its like a bed but it got a nice pillow for your head.

Now see yourself put that hat on, and grab a drink. Take your floatie and wade out into that fresh clean water. Get yourself set up on the floatie, and stretch out your feet, make sure the hats just right and you drinks sittin there for you. No let go and float down stream.

You are going to go wherever the stream takes you. You are not going to fight the current, you are not going to paddle or kick or even participate in the pull of the water. You are simply going to float. You have given yourself to the current.

You are safe, you are relaxed and nothing around you is going to affect you. No matter where the stream takes you, you will simply remain in this relaxing position floating along, and letting everything else go by.

Now this picture, this image of you floating is forever yours. It is my gift to you and it is an extremely valuable tool.

All your life you will encounter moments when you cannot change the current. When the chaos around you is not yours, but it’s affecting your life, it has an impact on without you being able to control it.

There will be times when the people you love are arguing, your co workers are disagreeing, there will be road construction, babies crying, dogs barking… whew. And your only choice for those moments is to either add that stress to your life or choose to float downstream.

There will also be times when kids are sick, and love ones are dying, and all you can do is feel sad or hurt. There will be times when decisions must be made, but not today, and things have to get done but that’s tomorrow, and you can only choose to worry or float.

If you learn to take this gift and I don’t even close my eyes to do it anymore, I can be I standing in the middle of that stress and I can see my self relaxed and floating along.

And if you learn to use this gift whenever you feel stressed, you will come away from those stressful moments feeling refreshed and relaxed. Floating downstream, it is a luxury and I hope you make it a part of your life.