There is an aspect of Mana Psychology that everyone should challenge themselves to investigate further and the key words for this are spontaneous healing! Now you may say isn’t this more fitting for Mana Sciences, but the answer is no, and that is because science cannot explain how some people are spontaneously healed from medically validated terminal illnesses. Science and medicine cannot take credit for their cure, nor can their miracle be attributed to any scientific intervention, any medical treatment, or physical life changes. Their miracle was simply a matter of the mind, or what we consider the Mana of the Mind. Today, I would like to challenge you to explore this further for yourself and google the term spontaneous healing.

In doing so, you will find there is a plethora of incredible information from the wildest to the sweetest, to the OH, WOW. The experts cannot disprove these miracles no matter how hard they try, and no matter who you are, scientist, physician, minister, politician, window washer, homeless person, or TV personality…everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, has heard of someone who has unexplainably survived, or was healed, of a certain death diagnosis.  If you google this term you will find many varieties of articles from highly technical to barely legible…but the basis remains the same…there are people who are spontaneously healed, and even thrived through the worst choices, and we have no way to explain why or how they did it.

No matter what we chose to believe, one thread remains the same, their healing had nothing to do with their doctor. Their “cure” came from an inward psychological connection catalyzing positive physical changes that science and technology cannot explain. Researchers can devote their time to dissecting these cases, but if you are facing a life threatening disease, time is not on your side.  Rather than waste time debating these cases, our thoughts should be; how can I be the person, that if something bad happens, will rise above it with every chance to be healed from within? How can I be that unquenchable spirit that treasures every moment, that soul who brings themselves through the fire and lives to tell the story of it.

What we need to be asking ourselves is “how can I possess on my own, the Mana, the inner strength, of those who have spontaneously healed when faced with imminent death?” Finding, and maintaining this inner energy should be our life quest! In this life search we need to understand that inner empowerment is self-given, and self-directed. It cannot be bought, given, or granted. listen when someone offers you guidance to be empowered but do not chase other people in your effort to find it. Interview and review their stories, but look inward on your own. We should also remember that the miracle souls are no different than you or I. Their positive spirit, their Mana, was amplified without medicine, money or special circumstances.

Some will tell you it was the power of God working within them, and while we donʻt agree or disagree, there are just as many non spiritual souls as their are religious ones who have been granted a miracle. Religion is another persons account of God, while faith is from your own personal experiences.  Seek your own story, seek your own Mana, and stand upon your truth. The power to live happily, thrive joyously, and spontaneously heal is something your cells know how to do and is available to all. The quest to be empowered from within is more valuable than any other form of power, be it strength, money, position, or place. This Mana, this inward connection to access the power within us, to be empowered, to turn on our cells to heal us, is what we should all be searching for, no matter how long we have on this planet.sun