Let’s talk about the emotions mad, and sad. These usually trip us up, putting our life into a spin. As you use Mana Gardening you will hear a term we call “spinning out”. This is the habit of letting our thoughts derail our lives. In spinning out we lose the moment at hand reflecting on a moment in time that didn’t go the way we had hoped, planned or needed it to.

Our books talk in detail about this problem, and how to stop this bad habit with what we call “the no spin power tool”. Today, to help you right here, right now, I am going to give you two Mana Gardening “no spin” perspective changes that will help you thrive whenever you are spinning out, or your emotions are dragging you down.

There is a powerful energy in being mad that is useful when directed to getting you up and going rather than sitting down, and steaming. Whenever you are mad get on your feet. Try not to think about the anger points at all, instead do! Get going, move your feet, go for a run, do a yoga workout, clean your fridge or organize a single messy drawer. Gain energy!

Whenever you are tempted to think about the anger replace that in your mind with reasons why this situation should or would make you sad. There is a power of safety in being sad that is misdirected, becomes draining or misplaced when being mad. A sad person won’t make bigger problems, react or act out the same way a mad person does. Now don’t confuse this with getting depressed, the trick is to keep your thoughts light hearted, and superficial.

Let me share a very simple example from my life. My hubby wanted to trade vehicles, so I met him, and gave him my car. He drove off leaving his truck with the door wide open, and no keys. Rage and rant was all I wanted to do, but instead I said MOVE, so I sprinted a long time trying to flag him down. He kept on going, but I now felt energized.

I sprinted back to the truck and tried to call him but he didn’t answer. My thoughts leaned back to anger but I made a choice to be sad not mad. Our two sons were in his truck, so I turned to them, and said; “well bummer, this is a sad state of affairs!” Their faces went from cringing to smiling, and they both lit up with ideas of what we should do next!

I was energized and now playful from my sprint, I was empowered to let go of the negative by choosing to be sad, not mad. Later when hubby finally came back for us, the younger one told his dad, “we weren’t mad, we were sad, and then we had a lot of fun!” If you want to enjoy the moment at hand every day of your life, you have to trade your bad energy for useful and empowering ones!

We have the power to change our perspective, the power to choose to be sad, not mad. If someone’s actions are truly cruel or hurtful, be sad that you can no longer be their friend. Negativity stresses your body, which will rob you of your health, and happiness. Changing your perspective not only lets you use this energy, and power to benefit your life, it will help you live longer too!

Love keti