Now is a great time to imagine better… what we mean is that it is an opportune (perhaps even very necessary) moment to imagine and feel that all is well.


We can imagine healthy, loving, supportive relationships among all peoples, that all of Earth’s inhabitants have the resources they need, and the resources are managed sustainably and respectfully with regard to our planet. These are just a few of the powerful images we can evoke with our powerful minds.


And because you can imagine these things, you can put yourself there and even feel the benefits. You can actually feel wellbeing flowing in your veins. Because it actually is. Your brain does not know the difference between things real or imagined- either way, your brain and body respond in a physical way to whatever information you are providing, be it positive or negative.


Science has shown this time and time again. Stress molecules are cruising around in your system when you imagine negative scenarios, and molecules that support wellbeing flow through your system when you consider positive events.


Think about how your emotions get affected by watching movies. You clearly are responding to images that are unreal. Whatever images you provide to your mind will affect your reality.


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Take a moment and simply imagine a more nurtured Earth, a more supported and loved humanity, a happier you and feel that all is well for a few moments. Give yourself that gift and know that what you focus on, appreciates!


If you would like to learn more ways to use Mana Gardening, an inner empowerment technique used by the ancient Hawaiians, our book is currently available, or by clicking the button below. Learn and share!


May you be well and happy!


Michelle and Keti


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