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Mana Sciences – Empower Me Free Yoga

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Mana Sciences™ presents, Empower Me Free Yoga

by Keti Kamalani & Dr. Michelle Shine

Ancient Hawaiians discovered the secrets of empowerment from within. Ancient yoga gurus unlocked the power of human transformation. Mana Sciences™ Yoga blends the two together to physically empower and transform your life. Discover more from every yoga pose and access your own inner power through our Hawaiian-style Suvasana.

Mana Sciences™ uses ancient Hawaiian methods of going within to empower your body, mind and soul. Mana Sciences™ Yoga utilizes our unique self-guided on-the-go meditation to feel energized, or relaxed, as wanted or needed, anytime, anywhere. Discover the skills you were born with and live a better life! Learn how to empower yourself and your yoga practice with Hawaiian-Style Mana!